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Frequently Asked Questions:

Built using our product, we generated a utility application to log & manage referances. Focusing on URL's, ISBN's, PEOPLE, this application provides the mecahics to record and tag useful bits of information, to enable you to bring value back to your work efforts. When you need to provide a reasoning for your concultions you can export a list of date-time stamped loggs of when, why and where you found this data.

What does this application do:

This is a task bar application that enables you to record & tag useful information.

What Does it Cost

This is an Open Source project.

Restrictions | Legal Issues

. .... help need a lawyer over here :(

DATA: Your Responsibility

There is no data-recovery. Like the doctor told me recently deal with it.

This data is generated by you, managed by you, and only exists on your machine.
This application only fetches data from the interwebs to provide useful metadata. Everything is then stored locally on your machine in a flat file database.json

Ask for Improvments

Please Donate! & Concat if you want customizations.

Who Can Use This product

Referance Logger

Corporations may aquire liscenses.

It is Open Source, but we building the liscene to require large corporations to aquire a liscene, to help us provide future updates, support, and provide means for this product to remain free for those who fit requirments.

Why is it free

Software is not FREE, we charge for alterations, customizations, and we request Larger enterprises and anyone placing this code on a server Aquire a Liscene, which is a small fee for the work efforts provided. Small organizations, the educational secor, my competitors, and even the larger organizations have a need to display designed information. Understanding this we are trying to build a toolset here to enable rapid creation, deployment of ideas and action plans needed to impliment ideas. has faith in the community that finds value in the product is willing to help fund the project to keep a curated tool that can be applied to any business area. Please concat if you want customizations.

Who Do I Thank?

I appreciate your time and consideration of this product by the " Referance Logger ". It maynot be perfect, but does contian magic components that were developed by